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Vaccinations provide excellent protection against debilitating diseases. At Maxlife Urgent Care, located between Whittier and Santa Fe, Springs, California, the providers keep children, teens, and adults up-to-date with their vaccination schedules so they stay healthy and the community is protected. Call today or use the online tool to schedule an appointment for necessary vaccinations. 

How do vaccinations protect me from disease?

Vaccinations protect against common and often debilitating, contagious illnesses. 

Vaccines cause your body to imitate an infection. When your immune system comes in contact with these germs, it builds antibodies to protect you against the infection. 

Vaccines contain one of the following:

  • Weakened or dead germs
  • Small parts of the germs’ genetic material or exterior surface
  • Bacterial toxins treated to be nontoxic

When you come into contact with the bacteria or virus after being vaccinated, your body knows how to fight it off so you don’t get sick or experience serious complications. 

What types of vaccinations do I need?

The vaccinations you need depend on your age, health status, and vaccination history. Children receive vaccines to protect them against 14 diseases by age 2. These include polio, measles, mumps, hepatitis B, chickenpox, and rubella. 

Many of these early vaccines require more than one dose or a booster. Usually, the providers administer boosters when children are between ages 4 and 6. 

Teens require fewer vaccines but should get ones that protect them from meningitis and human papillomavirus.

Older adults benefit from vaccines that protect them against shingles and pneumonia. 

Some people need special vaccinations for their job or when they travel to specific countries like Africa or South America. Check with the team at Maxlife Urgent Care to find out which vaccines you might need and whether they are available.

Who needs a flu vaccination?

Anyone older than six months old benefits from getting the flu vaccine. You must receive this vaccine annually because the flu virus mutates quickly. Researchers formulate each year’s vaccine according to the strain that’s predicted to be most prominent. COVID-19 vaccines are another yearly shot that can protect you against this potentially devastating illness. 

Many different variations of the flu and COVID-19 circulate every year. Even if you contract a version not included in the vaccine, receiving the vaccine can reduce the intensity of symptoms and duration of the infection.

Call Maxlife Urgent Care or use this website to schedule an appointment online to review your vaccination schedule and find out which ones you and your family need to stay healthy.