Minor Injuries

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Minor Injuries

A minor injury deserves medical care, but you don’t need to waste time and money by visiting a hospital emergency room. At Maxlife Urgent Care, located between Whittier and Santa Fe Springs, California, the providers offer comprehensive care for minor injuries, including cuts, burns, sprains, and possible fractures. Call today or use the online tool to find out availability and schedule your visit. 

What are minor injuries?

Minor injuries aren’t life-threatening, but they can be painful and pose a risk of complications. It’s important to get proper medical care for minor injuries, but they don’t warrant an ambulance call or a trip to a hospital emergency room. 

Examples of minor injuries include: 

Damage to soft tissue

Soft tissue damage can be acute. This means you injure it and feel pain right away. Examples include a sprained ankle or wrist. Soft tissue damage can also be chronic – meaning it develops gradually and is persistent. An example of a chronic soft tissue injury is nagging tendonitis. 

If your pain is near a joint, you also want to rule out a possible fracture. Visit Maxlife Urgent Care for an accurate diagnosis and a referral to a specialist if you have a complex case that requires surgery. 

Cuts and abrasions

The providers at Maxlife Urgent Care offer treatment for cuts or abrasions caused by a fall, a cooking incident, or another type of accident. The team stops intense bleeding, thoroughly cleans the wound, removes debris, and applies stitches. They can also offer a prescription for antibiotics if you’re at risk of infection. 

Minor burns

Seek emergency care at Maxlife Urgent Care for burns three inches in diameter or smaller. When this type of burn blisters or is extremely painful, visit the clinic for care.

How do you diagnose minor injuries?

When you come to Maxlife Urgent Care with a minor injury, the providers thoroughly evaluate the affected area. They’ll talk to you to understand the cause of the injury and your symptom experience. You should also share any at-home remedies you may have tried to treat the injury on your own. 

Depending on your injury, the providers may order imaging like X-ray, ultrasound, or MRI to help them arrive at an accurate diagnosis to provide the absolute best treatment. 

How do you treat minor injuries?

The providers at Maxlife Urgent Care customize treatment depending on the type and severity of your symptoms. Over-the-counter medications, icing, rest, and movement modifications are appropriate for sprains or strains. If you have a fracture, you may need a sling or cast as well as a referral to a specialist. 

Cuts or puncture wounds may need stitches, while burns benefit from a salve and proper dressing. The providers also teach you how to care for your injury at home to optimize healing time. 

If you have a minor injury, don’t hesitate to call Maxlife Urgent Care today. You can also use the online tool to book an appointment.